Jump onto the beach for a never ending run that has obstacles at every turn. How far can you go? Be careful, the ball speeds up every level!


The ball only moves left to right, you can move by holding the screen continuously and swiping left and right or by tapping where you want it to go.


Pick up hearts to stay in the game.


Levels end at the palm trees. Every time you cross the red line the ball speeds up.


Stars appear randomly throughout the game and appear more often as you level up. As you travel faster they become more useful!

Invincible Mode

Once you've collected a star, all the obstacles disappear and coins appear everywhere! This is useful when the ball is at a high speed.


The left behind beach items change as the levels increase. Watch out for the big ones!


When the game ends, you have the option of starting from the beginning (the one spinning) or touching the heart button and watching a 30 second ad to continue where you left off!

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